Are you passionate about construction work? Do you wish to provide Residential Roofing Services in Toronto and GTA? Are you not aware of the challenges that you will have to face in this business?

If your answer is yes don’t worry. Read till the end to know.

Following challenges are faced in Toronto by a residential roofing services personnel-

1-> Competition- There is stiff competition amongst its service providers. Every month several contractors enter this business. These contractors are ready to work at a low price because they are not too much worried about their reputation.

It creates pressure on those residential roofing service providers in GTA who have good credits and provide quality services. They have to lower down their rates to compete as it results in loss also.

2->Government rules and Regulations- There are certain guidelines made by the Government that are to be followed in this business. They are formed for the well being of the industry. But, these rules sometimes create problems for the industry.

3->Lack of experienced labor- There is a shortage of experienced workers in Toronto and GTA for residential roofing services. So, the hiring company has to arrange the technical training of these workers as it adds to the cost of services.

4->Issues with the customers- Sometimes, the service provider and the client have some issues due to any misunderstanding. The client is not satisfied with the work. In this case, modifications have to be made for no extra charge.


5->Price war- Due to stiff competition in Toronto, there is always a price war among dealers. Some roofing service providers engaged in residential work are ready to work at a loss. They just want to retain their clients at any cost. It creates a problem for new ones.

6->Material cost- Material cost is always on the rise due to certain factors. This is a big issue for companies. The agreement for the work has been done at a certain cost as it cannot be changed.

What if the price of the material increases? The company has to bear it. It affects the profit margin.

7->Cost of safety equipment- The companies engaged in residential roofing services business have to provide certain safety equipment to the workers according to the rules in Toronto and GTA. Some of them find this as a costly affair.

This increases their working cost. The specifications of this equipment are revised from time to time, and the service providers need to change them accordingly.

8->Lack of certified professionals- There is a lack of certified professionals in this business. They are compulsory to guide and supervise the work of laborers. So, the companies have no choice but to hire them at a very high cost.

9->Weather- During snowfall or rains in GTA and Toronto, roofing of residential houses cannot be done by the team of these service providers. But they have to pay for the same to labor and other related employees.

10->Rapid change in technology- The technology is changing at a very rapid pace. The equipment bought by residential roofing services providing companies becomes obsolete after some time.

So, they have no other option but to buy new ones for different locations in GTA and Toronto. These are very costly for the company and increase its operational cost. You will have to face all these challenges in this industry.