Roofers are responsible for installing and repairing roofs on residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. If you are interested in providing roofing services in industrial buildings in Toronto or GTA, you can do it in two ways.

  1. You can work as a roofer in an organization.
  2. You can start your own business to provide this service.


If you choose option A, you should have the below-mentioned qualifications and skills.

Academic qualifications for working as a roofer in a company

If you want to join an industrial organization that offer roofing services in Toronto/GTA, you need to follow the below process-

  1. Complete your school education.
  2. Enroll yourself for the certification program.
  3. It’s essential to complete 4500 hours of on-site industrial roofing service training, and four sessions of technical training in your school in
  4. Pass the certification test and obtain a certificate.
  5. Decide where you wish to work (in the Government sector or private sector) and apply for the appropriate jobs.
  6. After your selection, based on the requirement, you will be deployed at some site to work there.

What are the physical requirements for roofing personnel?

  1. Great body balance- A person working as an industrial roofing service engineer in Toronto and GTA should have an outstanding body balance. He has to work at roofs, scaffoldings, and ladders at heights. So, maintaining balance is necessary for safety.
  2. Strongly built- The material used to install and repair roofs is very heavy. The equipment used for its installation is also hefty. So, the person needs to be strongly built to work properly and comfortably.
  3. Ability to stand for hours- A roofer needs to stand almost throughout the day on ladders or scaffoldings to work. So, he should have the ability to do so. During work pressure, he might have to work day and night to complete the work on time. This ability will help him to do his job efficiently.
  4. No fear of height- A person working with an industrial roofing services provider company in GTA should not be acrophobic. If he has a fear of heights, he cannot work at all.


If you go with option B, you don’t need to be much concerned about the technical skills. You should have managerial skills to manage the staff and your business. Following steps are required to start your work-

  1. Get your company registered with the concerned authority in Toronto so that you can legally start working as an industrial roofing services provider. If you are not logged, then you might get in trouble in the future.
  2. Hire the certified roofing engineers to carry out the work your organization gets. Make sure that you hire experienced and skilled employees so that they can complete the work on time.
  3. Hire local labor from Toronto/GTA and organize industrial training for them on roofing services.
  4. After it, search for the clients who are looking for service providers like you.
  5. Finalize the term and condition with them and start working on the project.

Based on the provided information, you can easily decide which option is best for you.